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    Veritgo in general.


    Veritgo in general.

    Post  annanaki on Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:00 pm

    As many of you know, Mist will be leaving us very soon (D:) and will no longer be leading sky. Sadly I feel my time with Vertigo is up as well. In addition to simply being inexperienced with sky still, I have no desire whatsoever to lead a sky linkshell and I am sorry. The shell and pearls will stay around but sky will no longer be done under it. It makes me sad to tell everyone this, as it does all the other leaders (former and current) because I understand people still want things, as even I still have things I want from sky. That's all I really feel like saying about it at this time, but if you have any questions, I'll gladly answer them if I'm not busy.

    Also, I have no intention of stealing the trigs (just a few seals) left over from Vertigo, but I am keeping track of them all and will happily supply them to those of you who want to reshell. If you need any information about this, you can /t me ingame or pm me here. Seals are as follows:
    Seiryu x3
    Suzaku x3
    Genbu x3
    Byakko x1
    Summerstone x1


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